The Fringe Festival’s program book, and our show’s Facebook event page (!/event.php?eid=121841714500930), will inevitably lure the wrong audience to see my show.

“THRILL SEEKERS BEWARE! See headspins as never before, as Still Milking the New Sacred Cow and Les Flip Femmez bring you their smash hit, back to back, BREAKDANCE DOUBLE FEATURE!! Never has one fringe show delivered so many thrills, chills, and windmills in 60 minutes of action packed high jinx entertainment.”

Everyone’s been agreeing that the best way to fill up the theater is to sell a big, flashy, hot breakdance show, and that my piece’s actual artistic content should be left as a (hopefully) pleasant surprise.

Helen sent me her description of our double-feature in 50 words or less, and I sent it off to Fringe, changing nothing but her spelling of ‘high jinx’ to ‘hi jinks’ (I would later regret changing her spelling). 10,000 copies of this description will soon be found all around the city. All I can hope for is that it will convince Fringe-goers of the fact that our show is this year’s hot breakdance Fringe show’.

I know that people will find Helen & Jen’s show insanely entertaining. Our description probably does describe their b-girl clown show pretty well, although vaguely. Mine will show ‘headspins as never before’. But how could I have fit terms like ‘human condition’ & ‘existential crisis’ into that very same 50 word description?

So basically what I’ve decided to do is to promote my piece’s simple, impressive breaking moves in most of the major media opportunities that I have. I will try to use this blog, Facebook, the people that I talk to, CKUT’s Movement Museum radio show, as many ‘more than 50 word opportunities’ as I can find to talk about my show for what it actually is.